An approach that matches each need

Our priority is to help you reach your goals in relation to your working spaces. The reasons for reconsidering the spatial organisation of your offices and workspaces are multiple.

As pioneers in office layouts, we have solid experience in each of our areas of activity. Interior designers, light designers, acoustic experts, furniture specialists… our experts are constantly monitoring what’s best in their area.

Our interior designers and our visual identity specialists will develop all their creativity to produce an exclusive and inspiring look and feel. Both for your staff and for your clients/partners.

GLOBAL provides the most comprehensive support and undertakes to respect timings and budgets. As an operator that is independent of any manufacturer, it offers a guarantee that it will select the most suitable and advanced innovative solutions for our clients.

Case study

GLOBAL developed multifunctional spaces that promote well-being and internal communication, while repositioning Schindler services externally.

Our best pieces of work