A working environment which stimulates communication and collaboration

Global designs and produces open working spaces which offer excellent acoustics and remarkable ergonomics.

A shared working space promotes good communication and good collaboration when it has been designed efficiently and when support is offered to staff members.

Effective management of acoustics, light, and the comfort on offer, as well as promoting good habits is essential to make it a success.

GLOBAL will make a strong contribution to this implementation of your environment, as well as new working habits.

Glazed partitions

As members of Sibelco’s staff travel a lot, they did not get many chances to talk to each other. This lack of fluidity in communication was a real problem. GLOBAL organised completely open, flexible and comfortable decks with regard to acoustics. With 80 to 90% of the partitions being glazed, staff can see more of each other, in the real and figurative meaning of the term.

sibelco cloison vitree

Areas dedicated to meetings

The reorganisation of Elia’s head office predominantly aimed to allow exchange between departments. GLOBAL separated noisy areas from quiet areas and thought about having specific meeting areas: coffee corners, library, gaming room etc.

elia zones separees

An internal staircase

The Boston Consulting Group had increased its office surface area by occupying an additional floor in the building. Spreading over two levels caused concerns about communication between the two floors. We made an opening and fitted an internal staircase.


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