Your company is developing and your work spaces have to change.

Global will support your development through workspace layout that matches your growth needs.

The growth of your business, the end of a lease, a centralisation of divisions and/or your staff or a merger of your companies causes you to move or reorganise and convert your current work spaces.

Global will study and produce for you the best balance of the spaces used, taking account of new ways of working, shared spaces, Flex-desk, working from home, etc.

New internal organisation

Following the constant growth of its activities, Safran Aero Boosters saw its population of technicians and engineers increase strongly. The group wanted to hold a general discussion for a more structured approach to its office spaces. The result of this task meant that the departments concerned were able prepare their new internal organisation procedures.

Safran croissance

An extra floor

Nu Skin, a company specialising in cosmetics, occupied a floor in a building where the layout had been carried out by GLOBAL. The expansion of the team, several years later, required additional area to be annexed, two floors below. GLOBAL was responsible for fitting out this new space, maintaining consistency with the existing offices.

nu skin croissance

Connecting two buildings

The European Commission decided to increase the accommodation capacity of its crèche at Boulevard Clovis in Brussels (320 beds), by making a connection between the old WALI building, which had high ceilings, with a more recent building, located within an island. GLOBAL was responsible for the entire task, from the first pencil mark to the last brush stroke.

wali creche eu croissance