Staff recruitment and retention are of the utmost importance for your company

Global creates working environments that stimulate your staff’s enthusiasm.

To consolidate the client’s benchmark as an employer of choice through a modern infrastructure and therefore promote recruitment and the retention of specialised skills is our mission.

Our specialists in design, ergonomics and branding will develop working environment designs that fit your image and will contribute to your desire to be an “employer of choice”!

Candidates will be beating down your door to be able to work with you.

New ways of working

A merger coupled with a move can cause disruption at human level. In the case of Degroof-Petercam, one of the challenges was to offer motivating work spaces which would enable new talent to be attracted and retained through the gradual incorporation of NWOW (New Ways of Working). As a result, candidates who yesterday were interested by the aura of the bank are today also seduced by the working environment.

degroof petercam talent

Stand out from the competion

A company’s image and working environment are two crucial elements for recruitment. The Boston Consulting Group wanted to adopt a Dynamic Office concept.  GLOBAL worked the design so as to allow it to stand out from its competitors. The team in charge of the project designed mobile partitions which allow all meeting spaces to be joined together in one single large reception area, essential during recruitment days.