New ways of working inspire and intrigue you...

Our Change Management specalists can support your staff in their new environment.

In response to the expectations of the Y and Z generations, the development of a motivating environment which stimulates staff empowerment is becoming essential.

The concepts of shared work spaces, increased mobility and home working must be drivers for greater motivation and performance in your staff, whatever their age and established habits.

GLOBAL will supervise this transition, working carefully so as to motivate everyone.

Acoustic comfort

The merging of the various entities of the Sodexo group into the same location was accompanied by the need to create a “different” working environment. GLOBAL designed more open and flexible layouts which enable fixed workstations to be shared as well as teleworking, while ensuring user acoustic comfort. The layout has contributed to increasing internal collaboration. The journey for visitors has also been simplified.

sodexo nwow

Openness and light

At Ibecor, their 27 members of staff were working on one single floor of offices, partitioned in the old way using cabinets. An antiquated working environment that was uncomfortable and gloomy, which the managed wanted to re-organise completely. GLOBAL was able to convince them that an open-plan design would make the most of openness and light, without compromising acoustic comfort.

ibeco nwow

Small open-plan offices

The coming together of Actiris, VDAB and Bruxelles Formation within the Astro Tower has resulted in a new working organisation.  GLOBAL has favoured the use of small open-plan offices to improve the day-to-day live of staff and visitors.

actiris nwow