You are looking to rationalise and optimise your operating costs

GLOBAL can give you its 20+ years of experience to best assess the space you need and reduct your infrastructure costs, on an on-going basis over the long term.

Investment or rental costs are high in Belgium.

You are therefore looking to reduce your infrastructure costs, your energy expenses (heating, HVAC, electricity etc.), but also operating expenses (maintenance and servicing) on an on-going basis, over the long term.

GLOBAL is THE specialist that you need to rationalise your working spaces, so that each square metre taken up is used wisely, and even takes your future development into consideration.

A discreet layout

The coming together of Actiris, VDAB and Bruxelles Formation was accompanied by the migration of three public bodies to a new central head office: the Astro Tower (36,000 m²). Budget rationalisation formed part of the client’s obligations. As part of its joint venture (G2A) with Art & Build and Anixton, GLOBAL proposed a stripped-down layout, in line with a public service image. The new layout is welcoming and discreet.

actiris couts

A bonus hub

Before its redesign, Elia’s head office took up 6,000 m². The study of space needs conducted by GLOBAL revealed that 5,000 m² was enough. The floor that was freed up as a result has been able to be dedicated to external functions. As far as completion was concerned, GLOBAL carried out the fitting-out in succession in order to keep their operations down to one year at the most.

elia couts