Actiris: bringing together 3 public return-to-work services within a friendlier environment

The project, starting from scratch, aimed to bring together Actiris, VDAB and Bruxelles Formation. three public bodies, namely 1075 jobs, migrating towards a new central head office: the Astro Tower (36,000 m²). GLOBAL worked as part of a short-term joint venture (G2A), with Art & Build and Anixton. The task of assistance to the project owner included a search for a building, the definition of space needs, the interior layout design and overseeing execution.

This was an enormous adventure, full of new developments and adjustments, with, in the end, a great balance and huge satisfaction.

Géraldine de Brouwer, Architect, Project Manager for Actiris' relocation

Challenges encountered

Managing a complex trajectory

The three public bodies display programs with different needs. This meant having to work with periodic changes in scope, within a complicated political timing.

Determining a suitable way of working

Finding a building to rehouse the 3 return-to-work services required an accurate assessment of the various departments to be carried out. By analysing their operations, GLOBAL was able to determine a way of working which was suitable in order to define the specifications.

Modifying a codified working environment

Convincing people of the advantages of changing from partitioned offices to open working spaces laid out in small open-plan offices improving the day-to-day life of staff and visitors.

Steps followed

Assess needs

GLOBAL’s first role was to carry out a broad assessment of needs by involving departments, analysing the way they worked and seeing how they planned things.

global actiris lande dots

Making plans

Once the choice of building was set, GLOBAL’s teams drew up successive plans in order to implement the open spaces, reception areas, quiet areas, etc.

global actiris prolicht_glorious_4000


After having drawn a draft plan, selected the furniture in line with the corporate image and draw up the specifications, GLOBAL carried out the layout work.

global actiris dots-01-b

Results obtained

More transparency

Now 90% of the spaces have natural light as against 60% beforehand. The installation of a large number of glazed partition is, in a building that is not very deep, enabled the offices to be basted with light and bring more openness and transparency with regard to users.

More encounters

Less walls, less corridors and more coffee corners enable staff to come across each other more regularly, to talk more easily and, ultimately, to facilitate communication.

Welcoming and discreet

The new layout is welcoming and discreet. It has a reception area which is correctly proportioned to the number of people flocking to Actiris. Well-thought-out signage facilitates the user’s journey. Care has been taken with the acoustics in order to improve user comfort.