Tech Lounge, Agoria’s technology hub

Agoria’s role is to help Belgian businesses who want to grow by embracing a significant technological dimension. It provides them with sector-specific insights and information, as well as a range of services and facilities. At the beginning of 2018, Agoria opened the Tech Lounge in collaboration with Blue Point. This co-working space offers a number of innovative collaborative and working solutions, including an amphitheatre with a digital wall and a Xerox ‘Classroom of the Future’ that revolutionises learning models for businesses.

“The market is changing. Jobs are evolving. We are trying to be a pioneer, to set an example when it comes to rethinking working methods. We are sure that the Tech Lounge, with all the flexibility that it offers, is the future. The talented individuals of the future are naturally attracted to this kind of environment.”

Philippe Van Wichelen Technology and Project Manager

Challenges encountered

New way of working

GLOBAL would like to break free of the monotony of a working day by offering a “home-from-home experience” focusing on the wellbeing of visitors. The different spaces provided let you choose a working environment to suit you, from the amphitheatre to an individual bubble, including the lounge area, with its Fatboys and its stunning view of North Brussels. The different areas are modular and can be booked for private events. We have thought of everything, including the quality of the coffee. The idea to install an open fire is currently being investigated.

A to Z project management

The Tech Lounge is an ambitious project that has been managed by GLOBAL and G Entreprises from A to Z, combining design creativity with a totally rational approach to implementation.

Stages followed

Programme design and definition

The first step in this project involved inspiring and convincing. 3D models were created to help Agoria’s decision-makers imagine themselves in the space using virtual VR headsets. After the design process, GLOBAL managed to develop the plan of action, complte the project feasibility study and, last but not least, implement the project, via G Entreprises.


Adapting existing facilities

Existing facilities were adapted (HVAC and electricity). The division of space was adjusted to make the most of transparency and enlarge the area, making it lighter.


Furniture and layout

GLOBAL was responsible for most of the layout and furniture choices, including the inclusion of a Bar & Food Caravan, an amphitheatre and a gaming zone. In order to showcase its members, some of the furniture that Agoria used came from partner businesses.


The results

Use of technological tools

One of the biggest challenges in this project was making technology accessible and turning it into a real asset for its occupants. Mission accomplished: the tools introduced – including the digital wall for brainstorming sessions – are used and proving very popular. They are one of the main draws of the Tech Lounge.

Occupancy rates rising steadily

The day after the project was finished, half of Agoria’s staff – based in the offices in the lower floors – spontaneously came to work in the Tech Lounge. Just a few weeks after it opened, the venue was already enjoying good occupancy figures.

A happy customer and more projects on the horizon

The feedback we have had since the Tech Lounge opened has been very positive.

A similar project is on the drawing board for another Belgian city.