New methods for new momentum

ALD Automotive is a car leasing and soft mobility solutions company. Formerly located on rue Colonel Bourg, the Belgian branch of ALD decided to relocate to Avenue du Bourget in 2018, to a vibrant area of Evere, more urban and better served by public transport. A request for proposals was announced for the purpose of fitting out the new premises. And GLOBAL was selected for its experience in implementing new ways of working combining employee well-being, flexibility and sustainability of spaces.

With the ‘New Ways of Working’, we don't have individual offices anymore, but rather shared work areas tailored to different types of activities. Our new workspaces promote collaboration and communication.

Pascale Huppertz, Office Manager - ALD Automotive Belgium

Challenges encountered

Reinvented flows

One of the primary challenges of the project was to redefine internal movement flows. The stairwell linking the floors occupied by ALD Automotive (floors 5, 6 and 7) has been privatised and has been the subject of a full makeover which retraces the history of the organisation. On the floors themselves, GLOBAL has installed non-linear movement flows to prevent corridor effects and to create breakaways and views that animate the space.

Implementation of flex office spaces

ALD Automotive wanted to turn things round from an enclosed office culture to a “flex desk” approach. GLOBAL was responsible for the implementation of these new ways of working by creating different experiences depending on the type of activity. 40 meeting rooms were integrated (the management offices are also meeting rooms) as well as themed rooms, including a “creative room”, a “zen room”, sports room and “phone booths”. A single coffee corner was proposed for the 3 floors on the 6th floor, next to the welcome area, to encourage informal meetings between all ALD employees.

Distribution of spaces and well-being

GLOBAL designed open spaces known as “home bases”, with a human dimension and capacity for 16 people, separated by meeting rooms and clusters of enclosed offices. These different “clusters” are replicated on each floor. The layout of spaces, the acoustics and greenery (inert plants and green blocks) contribute to the well-being of employees and their productivity.

Stages followed

Adopting the NWOW concept

GLOBAL’s assignment started out with a current needs’ analysis for the organisation with regard to workstations, through a workshop with ALD Automotive directors. GLOBAL challenged them to come up with an initial layout plan that was suitable and flexible.


Implementation of movement flows

The analysis of movement flows was then conducted, and each level received an implementation plan for the “hard” elements (all the partitioned areas). It was also at this stage that all the structural curves were designed. This assignment made it possible for ALD to integrate its own DNA, mixing dynamism, simplicity and fun.


The results

Well-being on every level

The feedback from ALD Automotive is unanimous: adopting the new working methods has generated greater well-being internally.

Project management with no surprises

GLOBAL was also responsible for site management. The schedule and budget were respected. Unforeseen requests were added as and when and were completed without additional charge.

A flexible and sustainable structure

With 250 workstations implemented, the spaces created by GLOBAL take into account the future developments of the company. ALD Automotive will be able to welcome up to 300 people in the years to come.