BDI/BDA The German Business Representation

BDI/BDA, the office representing German industry and business, was uncomfortable in its premises at Rue du Commerce, in Brussels. It moved to Rue Marie de Bourgogne. The new areas, spread over 5 floors, had to be used as a showcase, both for BDI/BDA and its 32 tenants. GLOBAL provided a turnkey service, from micro-installation to completing the works, including designing the furniture.

Global understood how we worked. They were most reliable, proactive and flexible. We appreciated the transparency and honesty. We are more than satisfied with the collaboration during the process and especially the result. If I could, I would do it all over again.

Cornelia Schad, Project Leader, BDI/BDA The German Business Representation.

Challenges encountered

Working on a common identity

GLOBAL did not just have one client to satisfy but 32 points of contact, all wanting to preserve their respective identities. Three months of discussions were needed to determine the choices which suited everyone. A real diplomatic challenge.

Crucial timing

BDI/BDA and its 32 tenants had deadlines that had to be met. Apart from the different opinions to be taken into account, there were numerous changes in schedule that had to be accommodated. Time management was crucial.

Steps followed


GLOBAL took care of drawing up BDI/BDA’s installation plans and those of each of its 32 tenants.

global bdi bda micro carre


GLOBAL took care of the design and the furniture. In order to help its clients to make progress, the team made numerous suggestions which were well received.


Executing the works

The works were completed in record time.

fil a plomb

Results obtained

Areas uniform in appearance

GLOBAL was successful in getting consistency across the aspirations of all its points of contact. Within the closed space made available to each tenant by BDI/BDA, they were able to express their own identities. The join with the common areas was done using glazed partitions and carpets of the same colour.

A place for synergy

A lobby and a cafeteria shared by the occupants enabled synergy to be created between them.

An ultra-satisfied customer

Understanding the way in which BDI/BDA and its tenants worked meant that solutions which matched their requirements could be developed.