CMS-Debacker: A controlled change of image

The legal firm CMS Debacker wanted to review the layout of its offices so as to adopt an image more in line with the times – modern, elegant and functional. One of the prerequisites submitted to GLOBAL was that the change should be well perceived by all of its client base, excluding any luxurious or flashy elements.

Another service provider would not have enabled us to avoid the difficulties which GLOBAL helped us avoid. The collaboration brought satisfaction on all levels.

Serge Cornet, Operations Manager at CMS Debacker

Challenges encountered

Speak in client code

CMS Debacker  intended to transmit values of transparency and pragmatism.

Aligning the decision-makers

Unlike a standard company, a legal firm brings together multiple decision makers, which prolongs the decision-making time. GLOBAL kept to its client’s pace.

An ambitious timeframe

GLOBAL had to work with several technical difficulties. Both the demolition work and the installation of partitions required great accuracy of execution in order to keep on schedule.

Steps followed

Development of a concept

The Design team proposed to install a curved partition to give some character to the new layout. Fixing it to a chilled ceiling was quite a challenge.



GLOBAL started by isolating the occupied part of what was going to be reorganised. The rubble had to be taken out by passing through the occupied floor, meaning operations had to take place at weekends.



The fastening of the curved partition, using profiles and micro screws, required a lot of precision in order to stabilise the wall without damaging the chilled ceiling.


A modern space

GLOBAL  proposed a very functional layout with neutral colours, both modern and elegant without being flashy.

A budget with no surprises