Degroof Petercam: a unique location

GLOBAL’s task started with Degroof , as part of the layout of the floors of offices which the company was renting in a renovated building. The merger of the private bank with Petercam , which took place afterwards, required the teams to be brought together physically. From there, GLOBAL’s task was to restructure the existing offices at Degroof’s premises in order to meet the increased need for space. It is continuing with the complete renovation of the mansion house.

Faced with this little project which had become enormous, Global proved to be flexible and showed a rare agility. The result is impressive in many regards. Applicants who yesterday were interested by the bank's aura are today also seduced by the working environment. It's a success and a splendid revival for the bank.

Eric Hody

Challenges encountered

A changing scope

GLOBAL’s teams had to work with a changing working scope, as the areas required doubled during the project.  The merger of the companies Degroof and Petercam meant that staff members who had been relocated needed to be put together physically; a new joint environment had to be thought out so that both organisations could merge.

New ways of working

A merger coupled with a move causes disruption at a human level. One of the challenges was to propose motivating workspaces, enabling new talent to be attracted and retained through the gradual incorporation of NWOW (New Ways of Working). At the same time, qualitative offices had to be kept so that long-standing members of staff do not lose their bearings.

A logistical challenge

The 4 buildings which were added during the task were occupied, which represented a constraint in terms of logistics. GLOBAL was in a race against time. The incessantly changing programme, modified even modified during the works, meant a lot of gymnastics in terms of execution and phasing.

A restaurant in two-and-a-half months

Degroof Petercam asked GLOBAL to design a completely new restaurant fitted out with a professional kitchen which could accommodate a large number of people within a restricted space. This project within a project had to be carried out with hyper-critical timing – two-and-a-half months!

Renovating a mansion house

GLOBAL also took on the renovation of an old building displaying stability problems and a few hidden items… The difficulty was to carry out major structural works an occupied building displaying technical constraints and considerable stability concerns.

Steps followed

Layout of 6 floors

GLOBAL started its task with a development project for the bank Degroof which had just taken a lease on 3 and then 6 floors in a renovated building at 10 Rue Guimard, in Brussels. This phase only required partitioning and area layout work .


Feasibility study on 4 buildings

Once the merger process was started, GLOBAL saw 4 additional buildings added to the scope of its involvement (44 and 46 Rue de l’Industrie 44 et 46, 16 and 18 Rue Guimard). a feasibility study was carried out in order to see how many people the “Degroof” spaces could accommodate.

global degroof petercam vitra eames armchair

Full drawings

GLOBAL reviewed the structure, insulation, lighting and technology in their entirety. Communication between the various buildings was created on different floors.

global degroof petercam chantier plan

Structural work and stability

GLOBAL coordinated the work site and oversaw the execution of the works. The renovation of the mansion house required a lot of structural work.

global degroof petercam gros oeuvre

Results obtained

A single space

Bringing together the Degroof and Petercam teams into a single location revealed how they complement each other. By using the same language within the 4 buildings, GLOBAL succeeded in giving the illusion that Degroof Petercam occupy one single same space. The use of different colours enables people to find their bearings between floors.

A successful restaurant

That your restaurant is a warm and relaxing space. This open and welcoming meeting area was able to be produced in the space of only 10 weeks. A success indeed!

A mansion house full of light

The Mansion House, previously partitioned, reveals a clear and uncluttered space. A new light and bright working environment.

Keeping to schedule

The coordination of complex worksites is one of the challenges that GLOBAL likes to take up. By working proactively, with teams who know and like the challenge, GLOBAL was able to work a miracle.