Sibelco: Transparency at all stages

Sibelco was looking for a new facility for its Benelux offices, in Anvers.  The company occupied an old 6-storey building where everyone had their own space. The members of staff who travelled had little opportunity to speak to each other. This lack of fluidity in communication was a real problem. Assisted by GLOBAL when making its choices, Sibelco moved into 3 completely open floors, in an 8-storey building.

Wij hebben zeer graag samen gewerkt met Global.
Het team heeft ons op een professionele en efficiënte manier begeleid naar een prachtig resultaat met tevreden Sibelco werknemers.

Lea Mertens, Office Manager at Sibelco

Challenges encountered

Generate opportunites to meet

GLOBAL’s task was to create a functional tool which enabled staff to see each other.  The open space had to be both flexible and comfortable with regard to acoustics.

Playing around with columns

The floors to be laid out had lots of bulky columns. The Design team converted them into lights. Because of its knowledge of materials, GLOBAL was able to create a quality environment.

Unreliable weather

Bringing the monumental staircase which had been designed into a dead end represented a challenge, above all when the weather prevented the crane from operating. GLOBAL knew how to benefit from windows of respite.

Steps followed

Design of the project

The Design team has designed a very qualitative project, with a timeless yet dynamic look,  The emphasis was place on well-being and smoothness.

global sibelco etape design

Site management

The entire site ran over two phases. Its site management experience has enabled GLOBAL to keep to deadlines and keep within budget despite the inevitable constraints.

global sibelco etape gestion chantier

Results obtained

A glazed concept

The project incorporated high-quality technical solutions and recyclable materials. With 80 to 90%  glazed partitions, staff could see more of each other, both in the true and the figurative meaning of the term.

Internal roaming

Dynamic workstations promote roaming behaviour in-house. Instead of making more coffee corners, one single cafeteria was put in place. It is located in a strategic place in the building.

Optimum communication

Sibelco opted for a completely open and transparent concept. Communication is optimum.  According to the management, everyone is satisfied.