Sodexo: a new office

The plan aimed to bring together the various entities in the Sodexo group at the same location with three objectives: to improve the quality of life and comfort of the 500 staff, to increase collaboration and internal communication and to reduce the company’s ecological footprint.

GLOBAL helped us to choose the right directions for the project. Consult – Design – Build: the collaboration was exemplary in all three areas.

Gerrit Matthys, CFO Sodexo Belgium

Challenges encountered

Create a "different" working environment

Various cultures coexist within Sodexo. The new working environment had to improve collaboration within and between entities.

A services shop window

Sodexo offers 15 different services, one of the most well-known of which is corporate catering. The company restaurant was duty-bound to be representative of the group’s know-how.

Eco-friendly technology

The company wanted to pay special attention to sustainable development, particularly from a technology point of view, with an operating budget similar to the one they had before.

Stages followed

Search for a building

GLOBAL demonstrated the advantages and disadvantages of each building visited. The constraint of having a company restaurant and considering work needed on the building structure helped the client to make their choices.

etape global sodexo recherche batiment

The results

A project with an impact on the organisation

The organisation has undergone a drastic change with the switching of partition spaces to a more flexible and open environment. The development has contributed to increasing internal collaboration. Moving around for external staff has also proved to be simplified.

The best restaurant

Like all the other developments, GLOBAL defined the look of the restaurant to match Sodexo’s image. The kitchen complies with future regulatory standards right now. The restaurant is peaceful.  The number of people using it has increased.

A greener operation

Special attention has been paid to the environment: recyclable floor coverings and organic paints, new low-energy lighting, a vegetable garden on the terrace, a bee-hive on the roof… A showcase project for entities located abroad.