Ibecor: A question of image

The company Ibecor (International Beverages Corporation), in Brussels, is responsible for the Logistics and purchasing on behalf of the Heineken brand in Africa and in the Middle East. Its 27 staff were working in a single open plan office space, partitioned in the old-fashioned way by cabinets. An antiquated, uncomfortable and gloomy working environment which the management wish to completely reorganise.

Challenges encountered

Break with the past

With the partitioned workspace, the staff valued being able to delimit their own area. GLOBAL was able to convince them that an open plan layout would highlight the openings and light, without adversely affecting acoustic comfort.

Protect brand image

Significant design work was needed to align the Brussels office with the international standards of the Heineken group.

Provide for storage

Ibecor’s activities are still strongly linked to the use of printed documents. GLOBAL had to design a system of cabinets which gives the maximum storage space while preserving sightlines and natural light.

Steps followed

Needs analysis

A significant study phase was conducted. This enabled GLOBAL to understand and analyse the needs of the various entities making up Ibecor, the philosophy of the brand and its identity.

besoins 1 global ibecor office

Design of separate areas

The Design team designed two separate wings: a reception hub which brings together reception, meeting rooms, the cafeteria and the finance department and an open office space for better interaction between staff.

etape 2global ibecor openn space

Rational insulation

At technical level, the open plan space required the installation of rational solutions to improve the quality of insulation without incurring costs that were too high.

etape 3 global ibecor banner

Results obtained

A convivial space

The workstations guarantee a very high level of comfort, particularly due to the bridges, the numerous storage compartments and high-performance acoustic separations. The reception area dedicated to clients is simultaneously dynamic, fun and representative.

Fun decor

In order to highlight the brand’s corporate image, GLOBAL took care over the decorative details: a map of Africa made of back-lit Heineken bottles, giant photos (of hops, barley etc.), frosted sheets representing waves of beer, a glazed separating panel containing bottles made of green glass, etc.

Rapid change

GLOBAL produced quality layouts with restricted resources within a very short timeframe without requiring Ibecor to move during the works.