Thalys: "Welcome to our place"

In 2015, the joint venture between SNCF and SNCB was about to become a railway company. The team is responsible for support functions, and train planning would be joined by on-board staff (500 people). As Thalys ‘ head office had become too small, a new one was needed. To this was added the need to open and organise the layout of small 100-200 m² offices close to the country’s major stations for train attendants.

GLOBAL is an experienced team which respects its commitments. The layout proposed was sufficiently creative to be a suitable solution which adhered to the schedule and budgets.

Bo Arfaoui, Real Estate & Facilities Manager, Thalys International

Challenges encountered

Open up spaces

Carrying out an analysis of the various departments and finding an inclusive concept on the layout of spaces. The objective being to make contacts more fluid and to encourage collaboration.

Develop a young image

To develop an aesthetic concept based on innovation and a young and dynamic image.

Steps followed

Definition of the useful space

GLOBAL took on the issue of dealing with the meeting rooms and to think about the chance of putting teleworking in place.

global thalys 6 etape 1

Carrying out the works

GLOBAL carried out the works at various Thalys sites in Brussels and Liège-Guillemins. These were carried out in compliance with the schedule and within budget.

global thalys 3

Results obtained

More fluid contact

GLOBAL made it so that Thalys’ slogan – “Welcome to our place” – was adapted to the layouts provided for on-board staff (rest area, changing rooms).

A Thalys look & feel

GLOBAL started from Thalys’ identity elements to carry out the layout work. The curves of the train fuselage, the red of the logo, images and screens were used… The result is a clean and dynamic environment.