Nu Skin: For those who like nature

Nu Skin, a company specialising in cosmetics, occupied the 3rd floor of a building previous laid out by GLOBAL, for another company. Enlargement of the Nu Skin team meant that they needed to annexe additional space, within the same building but two floors lower. GLOBAL took on the layout of this new space, maintaining consistency with the existing offices.

Challenges encountered

Keep consistent with previous layouts

The new space is reserved for the most creative jobs at the Company. Global had to design a new layout which is functional and modern, while remaining in line with the existing offices.

Steps followed

Dealing with spaces

GLOBAL installed a total of 24 fixed workstations in open spaces and 4 closed offices. The workstations have the most advanced comfort features. In order to make this new space as attractive as the offices on the 3rd floor, all peripheral office functions have been incorporated (cafeteria, reception lounge, copy corner, etc.).

etape 1 global nuskin office

Express site

The design phase and the works were completed in just under 3 months. The client said they were delighted at the speed and quality of the assignment carried out by GLOBAL, but also by its ability to meet its expectations.

etape 2 global nuskin office

Results obtained

For those who like nature

GLOBAL worked on the image transmitted by Nu Skin, particularly through the use of materials which make reference to nature. The ubiquitous natural light and the light concept contribute to creating an ambiance that is warm, cheerful and resolutely motivating at the same time. A waiting area has been designed to plunge visitors into an inspiring and soothing atmosphere.

The WOW effect

The meeting spaces were given a special treatment: the cafeteria allows you to work, it can host informal meetings or people can relax as a team, with its table football and dartboard. A playful Think Tank meeting room dedicated to creativity invites its occupants to cut themselves off from the outside world, with their feet on the grass.