Safran Aero Boosters: breaking free

Following the constant growth of its activities, Safran Aero Boosters (formerly Techspace Aero) has seen the number of its technicians and engineers increase greatly. As its new offices were rolled out progressively, at the Herstal site, the layout was not optimal. Traffic, daylight, acoustics, heat regulation, internal mobility… The group wanted to undertake an overall discussion for a more structured approach to its current and future office spaces (17,000 m²). And do all this in line with its brand image.

We did have some prejudices against open spaces. We needed an outside eye to break free from our somewhat rational straightjacket and reconsider. It succeeded.

Alain Navez, Information Systems Director, Safran Aero Boosters

Challenges encountered

Finding a layout principle

Each building had different constraints. A typical layout principle had to be found which could be found in the majority of office buildings. As these were elongated, solutions had to be found to avoid the corridor effect.

Promote mobility

When different teams are working on a project, they  co-locate themselves in one single place before going back to their job, once the project has ended. These teams had to be found the same type of space, whatever its purpose.

Overcome technical constraints

One major problem residing in the adjustment of external frameworks, which did not correspond to the adjustment of the false ceilings. In order to avoid changing all technologies (HVAC, lighting etc.), GLOBAL suggested internal premises, independent of the façade.

Steps followed

Producing reference material

Based on programming work, GLOBAL produced a full set of reference material. This practical guide establishes a list of work management principles as well as standard layout concept which can be reused by the client.

global safran aero boosters referentiel 1

À la carte support

The execution of the works according to a phased schedule up to 2019 is being carried out internally by the client. If needed, it can count on GLOBAL to get additional drawings.


Results obtained

A pleasant environment

Staff found themselves in a more pleasant working environment, with hyper-quiet facilities, thanks to alternating islands, bubbles and cockpits.

A look which matches the company's image

The materials for the cafeterias and copy rooms imitate metal and wood. The colours, in shades of grey, match the company’s image. A few bright colours punctuate dynamic areas and communication spaces.

New ways of working

The result of the task enabled the departments concerned to prepare for their new internal organisation conditions.