Offices supporting change

A company in the pharmaceutical sector which had recently left a larger group on the market was seeking to convey its new status from an operational and marketing perspective. After having launched a contest for the redesign of its offices, the company selected GLOBAL and assigned the design and site management to GLOBAL as well as compliance with safety standards.

Apart from a slight change to the reception, GLOBAL's offer was approved in its entirety in its first version.

challenges encountered

Create a clean physical structure

The client wanted to develop all the services needed (facilities, reception, 300-seat restaurant, meeting rooms, etc.) to free itself from the group that it was formerly part of. The peripheral aspects of the building (access routes, storage room, etc.) also had to be revamped. The external reception made way for an integrated reception, at the instigation of GLOBAL, allowing for cost and energy savings to be passed on. As it still has workshops, offices and production areas shared with its former group, a specific connection was put in place between the workshop and the offices.

Open, non-partitioned space

A decision was made to turn away from the “Cubical” layout in favour of a more modern open space environment, with everything this format brings in terms of communication, collaboration and the light and airy feel. In addition to fixed work stations, GLOBAL integrated bubbles and lounges at the heart of the floors to make the spaces more dynamic and energise the teams working there, making it possible to isolate oneself when work requires it and/or call spur-of-the-moment team meetings.

Materials and furniture

GLOBAL supported the client in moving from vinyl/lino – highly considered in the pharmaceutical environment – to carpet. Some of the furniture was kept and supplemented with new perfectly matching pieces. The meeting room modules were fitted out with acoustics walls and collaborative work boards for informal meetings.

Stages followed


Apart from a slight change to the reception, GLOBAL’s offer was approved in its entirety in its first version. The project was intended to be simple, rational in its installations and sensible.


Choice of finishes

The materials selected featured wood prominently, in white and black, with touches of colour on the floor. Some details feature the project signature, like sandblasted films of Belgian personalities or cabinets in the form of hexagons evocative of a DNA chain.


Project management

Construction took place while the client managed the development of the surrounding area and access to the site. GLOBAL therefore needed to display a degree of flexibility, integrating additional consulting assignments.


The results

Agile solutions

GLOBAL has provided solutions which allow the client to make the most of its new facilities. For example, the carpet tiles are rented, making it better optimised from an accounting point of view.

Optimum use

All the spaces are used, without exception. The bubbles, which didn’t initially have unanimous support, are now appreciated by one and all!